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5 Ways of Refreshing Your Advertising Strategy

Can you recollect the moment you have changed your advertising strategy? You have definitely done it long ago if you can’t remember.

Keeping with the times and the latest trends is not that bad, actually. Of course, you should understand this. Fashion and trends somehow remind of roller coasters, they move up and down until they get replaced with something absolutely new. At the same time, using the old-fashioned advertising strategy for ages is not the way out.

The only explanation for the popularity of trends is the fact that they work. If don’t believe us, have a look at these five things that will definitely refresh your advertising strategy.

Interactive Ads

The recent surveys provide the information that 75% of people click on the interactive ads accidentally, but not on purpose. Moreover, the survey after survey demonstrated that people actually don’t even look at your ads when they visit the page.

Typical ads don’t work! The most people will simply ignore your ad or click on it on accident. In order make the people, who look past advertisements, notice them, you should make the ads interactive! People will pay more attention to your ads if they will interact with the ads.

Placing a video is an easy and cool way of making your ad interactive. Check this funny Skittles video below!

We bet you have placed your finger on the screen so that everyone has stared at you!

With the help of videos, you can turn your videos into creative, personal and captivating ones. However, there are other ways of interacting with your site visitors. Check out this Motorola print that ran in some copies of WIRED magazine in 2014.

This print ad is not only captivating but also memorable. It has all chances to go beyond its magazine audience. On YouTube, it has been viewed almost 1.3 million times. No print ad has ever been so popular!

So, before launching your advertising campaign, we recommend you to think about ways of making your ads interactive.

Cross-Channel Ad Campaigns

One is the common mistakes is launching different and separate advertising campaigns for each platform and medium. The greatest ad campaign is a combination of mediums and outlets that together deliver the same message to the customer.

Don’t think the thing is about combining digital mediums, no! Your main task is to bring your online and offline ad strategy together.

A small jewelry shop in Philadelphia, PA. Steven Singer Jewelers is one of the most amazing examples of the cross-channel campaign. Their billboard with a simple phrase “I HATE STEVEN SINGER” together with their website have attracted a lot of attention.

Looking at the billboard it is really hard to guess what it is advertising. Because of my curiosity, I visited the website, found out that the billboard advertised a jewelry shop and even read some information about Steven Singer. Since then Steven Singer is the most memorable jeweler for me.

In order to produce a great impression on the customers, the great thing is to integrate a TV commercial with other mediums. Let’s take T-Mobile’s 2015 Super Bowl ad campaign with Kim Kardashian for example. Even if you are not a fan of Kim, you will definitely like this astonishing campaign.

The first thing that during the Super Bowl T-Mobile played a TV ad.

It is already an amazing commercial, but that is not everything. When you are competing with a dozen of other astonishing ads during the Super Bowl, you need to demonstrate something special. So, later T-Mobile asked the customers to visit Kim’s website, which has redirected them to T-Mobile.

The moment you visited the site, you got an opportunity to get a special message from Kim and her selfie. Of course, it was impossible to resist such a temptation and I soon received the tweet.

This marketing campaign belongs to one of my favorite ones. It made me watch TV and even visit their website with the ad video. Then, I received a tweet with Kim, which I shared with all my friends. Some of my friends even repeated this advertising process. So, the campaign did a great job!

Now you understand how memorable and powerful a multi-channel interactive advertising campaign can be!

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube video advertising is well-known. You watch a YouTube video and then appears an ad. Some of them play beforehand, while some of them can be skipped in some seconds.

That’s not everything.

YouTube marketing reminds of sponsored content and product placement. Have a look at this video from the famous YouTuber Connor Franta.

Coca Cola sponsored an entire day at an amusement park for Connor. It is called borderline advertising, the YouTuber even mentions that it is one more video for Coca Cola. The video is content in itself, for sure.

5 million people have subscribed for Connor and over a million of them have watched this video. Actually, the people are not interested in the Coca Cola, they want to see Connor spend a cool day at the amusement park. When they see their idol drinks Cola, they want to get Cola, too.

This is how influencer marketing works. Let’s have a look at some other examples, except this dedicated video for Coca Cola. Zoe Sugg (‘Zoella’) is a world famous beauty blogger, which is crazy about beauty products.

She is among the most popular YouTubers and has got over 10 million subscribers. Once per month she shoots a video, in which she is talking about her favorite beauty products. In average, these videos get over 21 million views.

What’s most important is the fact these favorite products are usually paid product placements. The subscribers trust their beloved YouTuber and do everything to get her favorite beauty products. 

Most of the famous TouTubers work on special agencies, which offer ads in their videos. In the Big Frame YouTube agency you can find a lot of dedicated videos and endorsements for your brand.

Alternative Ad Networks

You must have seen advertising on Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search systems are known as ‘The Big Three’. They are capable of capturing the most of the internet traffic, but their price is pretty high.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to work with these networks, they won’t help you a lot. Google is quite busy working with many clients, so they don’t have enough time to sit and to hold hand through all the advertising campaign.

We recommend you to try an alternative ad network. What’s is this? It is a kind of a mediator between most of the advertisers and websites (including search engines, content sites, blogs). It is enough to go through one or two networks to advertise your product on a great variety of blogs. You don’t need to contract each of them.

The price is the greatest advantage of the alternative ad network. Mostly, these networks are a great deal cheaper than Google, Yahoo or Bing. We have compared some of the eZanga’s costs per click to others.

It is not only about the price. Advertising on Google or Bing covers a bigger market, while these alternative ad networks give you an opportunity to reach a niche market. Also, after clicking on your ad these people are more likely to convert. With ‘The Big Three’, it is not always possible.

Pay per Call Ads

If you are a permanent reader of our blog, you should have seen a lot of pay per call advertising articles. We can even explain why. Despite the fact that these ads are effective, they are not that popular.

We can prove our point of views with these stats:

  • The recent eZanga survey has shown that 50% of 14-24 aged people get interested in human interaction after clicking on the ad.
  • When clicks have 2% conversation rate, phone calls can have up to 30-50%.
  • From the search results, almost 70% mobile users have called directly.
  • Invoca states that 61% of mobile searches prefer click to call.

It is not a problem to explain the efficiency of the click to call. It is much easier to sell something when you are talking to the real person on the phone.

Call advertising has started to boom with the rise of mobile marketing. A lot of companies spend almost spend $64.6 billion per year on clicks to call. As calls tend to cause higher ROI, they are usually more expensive than clicks.

How to get most of the advantages using call ads? We recommend you to target at those customers, who are likely to buy the product. They tend to convert after talking to you and might benefit from your conversation.

Moreover, try to use various call ads. Due to mobile browsing, click to call is getting more and more popular. Try to combine pay per call TV commercials, ads on abandoned phone lines and warm transfers. They are all aimed to hit one target.

If you have forgotten about call ads in your advertising campaign, give them a chance in the next one.


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